Hicksville American Soccer Club

2018 LIJSL Club Volunteer of the Year

2018 LIJSL Club Volunteer of the Year

HASC 2018 LIJSL Volunteer of the Year Lou DeTurris (center) w/HASC Board Members

The Hicksville American Soccer Club is proud to present it's 2018 Volunteer of the Year Award to Lou DeTurris. Lou started with our club in 2001 with his oldest daughter Jessica. He became her team's coach the next year and also volunteered to coach his second daughter Jaclyn. Eventually he became the Travel Coach with Jaclyn's team. He coached this team for 12 years until they eventually aged out. During this time his third daughter started to play and he coached that team as well. While coaching in the club Lou volunteered for many different responsibilities including division supervisor for LIJSL for three seasons and one season as a LI cup volunteer. In the club he has been part of the board in one capacity or another for 10 years performing as  webmaster, several board committees, and most recently as registrar.

If you ask Lou about his time with the club he will tell you; "All three daughters benefited greatly from the program and the time I spent with my girls (and the extended group of girls over the years) was some of the most precious moments and will never be forgotten.  I have made many lifelong friends and will always cherish the memories. All I can say to those parents who are exposing their kids to any sport at a young age, get involved and enjoy the journey. I have driven probably close to 200,000 miles with my kids for sports and those are the memories that will always result in a smile.  I hope that every player that I have coached, without  hesitation, takes that time to spend with their kids, coaching, volunteering and benefiting from the experience as I did. If so, then I have been successful as a coach to them."

The Hicksville American Soccer Club is fortunate to have Lou as a member and we are a better club for it. Congratulations Lou on behalf of the entire club.